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Thread: UK's Moon ambitions

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    UK's Moon ambitions

    "UK eyes plan to send first rover to Moon in 2021"

    According to the report, the robot, designed by London-based Spacebit, is expected to join the NASA mission, landing on the lunar surface next summer, which will be the first step towards Britain having a rover on the Moon.

    Britain is to launch a little "space spider" Asagumo probe to the Moon in 2021, the Telegraph reported.

    The designers opted for multiple legs instead of wheels so that Asagumo can pick its way over rough terrain, and crawl through underground lava tubes, which might provide a shelter for lunar bases or even colonies in the future.
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    The UK has also signed Artemis Agreements with the USA signal the intention of the two countries to "play a leading role in outer space." The UK will participate in the creation of the Gateway lunar station, which will serve as a transfer point for missions to the moon and deep space. For these purposes, the British authorities have already allocated $ 20.7 million.

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