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Thread: Remove Lorentz from BA lmembership list.

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    Remove Lorentz from BA lmembership list.

    Hello Phil Plaite, the Bad Astronomer.

    Please remove my name from members of the Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board so that I can't send in new posts. I am sending this by public posting as I can't find your private email anyplace on the board. Did you remove it?
    This time, please leave it off for good. I am sorry for asking you to let me back on the board, I had forgotten how addictive debunking can be.



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    I'm sorry to see you go. I have disabled the account.

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    Was this an example of a Lorentz transformation?

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    torn away by lorentz forces I guess?
    With sufficient thrust, water towers fly just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob
    Was this an example of a Lorentz transformation?
    No, it's a contraction.

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    Maybe he needed a boost.

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