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Thread: Watch Live as Comet Siding Spring Flys By Mars

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    Watch Live as Comet Siding Spring Flys By Mars

    Comet Siding Spring will pass close to Mars today, Sunday, October 19, at 18:32 UTC. The comet will come within 139,500 km (87,000 miles) of the Red Planet, which is sixteen times closer to Mars than any known comet has ever come to Earth. About 100 minutes after the closest approach, the densest part of […]


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    Anyone know of a site that will show this event in a form that my cranky old XP can watch?
    Slooh insists that I upgrade my browser and I can't.

    BBC's Sky at Night isn't on tonight, although I thought at the end of the last episode the presenters said they would be live for the fly pass.
    Boo! to the BBC!

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