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Thread: Sacred Megaliths are everywhere

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    Sacred Megaliths are everywhere

    There are at least 20 of these unusual features in the area.

    We'll be going to some of these places with a local elder to see what we can find. There will be video of the event.

    Spooky very spooky
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    Can you elaborate on what all these videos are?

    All I see are some shaky videos of small mountains or rock faces with no sound or explanation on what we are looking at.

    From the references that I can find, all I find on the web are woo and other sites claiming to be searching for the "truth" with other well known formations such as the Devil's tower being portrayed as a megalith (being shaped by man).

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    is this guy a paid advertiser?

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    The software might allow it, but our rules don't; please don't embed videos but use links (as you mostly did).

    It also looks a lot like you are getting close to some other rule violations. This looks a lot like self-promotion of your YouTube videos (rule 6 violation), and it looks like you are trying to advocate non-mainstream ideas outside of the appropriate forum.

    You need to explain why you have posted this here.
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    Anyone seriously interested in megaliths would do well starting here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by walker1001 View Post
    Anyone seriously interested in megaliths would do well starting here:
    Awesome, they even list the Talayotic sites of Menorca!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpectateSwamp View Post
    I watched the first video. It's just rock cliffs that have a (very) vague resemblance to a face or skull, right? I wasn't even able to recognize which rocks were being described. What's spooky about that?

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    Humans like us have been around for 100,000 years; everything probably has had some sort of importance to humans in the past.

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    Questionable content

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    Useful for what?

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