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Thread: NASA's moon exploration ambitions

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    "NASA publishes 40 years of lunar lander concepts"

    NASA has published an e-book titled After LM – NASA Lunar Lander Concepts Beyond Apollo that traces 40 years of lunar lander concepts after the Apollo program.

    NASA describes the book as follows: “After LM – NASA Lunar Lander Concepts Beyond Apollo tells the story of physics, technology, and the desire to return humans to the lunar surface through technical descriptions, imagery and subsystem mass breakouts of more than 100 lunar lander concepts created by NASA and its contractors since the Apollo program.”

    “The concepts are grouped by the human exploration timelines that defined the post-Apollo period, starting post-Apollo and continuing through the Space Exploration Initiative and the Vision for Space Exploration, and concluding with the many lander designs created to support NASA’s Constellation program. Readers will see the common ‘trades’ that are explored in crewed landing systems, including propellant types, pressurized volumes, structural mass fractions, mass margins, crew size, and special accommodations for ergonomics and other human factors.”
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    Very nice. It was the authors father that was in JFKs motorcade on that fateful day...

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    These awards are usually what the company bid.

    NASA Human Landing System (HLS) awards

    3 phases,
    Base Obligation: 10 month study
    Option A: for 2024 landing
    Option B: post-2024 missions

    Blue Origin $10.182B (max)
    Base Obligation: $213,421,381.00
    Base and Option A: $483,394,546.00
    Base and Option B (Total): $10,182,757,413.00

    Dynetics $5.273B (max)
    Base Obligation: $92,242,980.00
    Base and Option A: $237,789,559.00
    Base and Option B (Total): $5,273,244,085.00

    SpaceX $2.252B (max)
    Base Obligation: $94,474,607.00
    Base and Option A: $134,959,441.00
    Base and Option B (Total): $2,252,508,638.00
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