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Thread: Shape of the universe

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    Shape of the universe

    I was watching an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, it was Does the Universe have an Edge?
    If the universe is finite in size cosomologists, physicists, mathmaticans were trying to figure out the shape. I don't understand why shapes like dodecahedron and hyperspheres were being proposed. These are all shapes that we're familiar here on Earth, these shapes came into existence with gravity and other forces that came after the big bang. Why was nothing proposed that's beyond what we're familar with like a tesseract or 6 or 7 dimensional especially if theories like string theory turned out to be true then 11 dimensional. Not some dodecahedron or hypersphere.

    Makes no sense to me whatsoever that the shape would be something we can just draw with pencil. Especially if we don't know how many dimensions are at play, again string theory and stuff like dark matter and dark energy.

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    Theory allows for certain shapes and not others based upon observation and the maths such have provided to predict and explain such. When it comes to actuality, who knows, we do the best we can, all we can ever say is that the theory we currently hold would not allow for such.

    So yes you are right, if M theory were shown to be correct then an accurate shape would need to be done in 11 dimensions, on the other hand 7 of those dimensions are assumed to be coiled up and we would still have its shape within our 3d brane.
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    We've got a bunch of "shape of the universe" threads open, here's a recent one:
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