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Thread: Cross Platform development suggestion

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    Cross Platform development suggestion

    I want to create an application which will be cross platform.

    I know C#, WPF and native Android development, but I don't want to create an application all over again for each platform.
    I wanted to ask for your recommendations for a cross platform framework for the client side.

    I was suggested to use Ionic, and was told that I should also learn AngularJS as a prerequisite for Ionic. However, I don't know Javascript and I'm not a big fan of dynamic languages in general. I heard of Xamarin which lets you develop using C# which is perfect for me but it's not free.

    Do you might have a recommendation for a cross platform framework for mobile development which uses a static language (maybe Java) which is also free?

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    Hey Yonatan,

    I suggest you that you should checkout some Online Help from some Good website that is dealing with the Source Codes and Apps developments. I personally used BrightNewt and Codes News that would be the best ones you can check..

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    you need to be pretty smart for this as you have to need a expert advice but that will cost you some high $$. In my suggestion checkout online help as that would be great and will not cost you hard. Chekout BrightNewt that would be a good help for you.
    Best of luck for your App !!

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    Phone gap, Xamarin, Titanium, Ionic, Sencha Touch etc are some useful cross platform frameworks you can use.

    For more info, you can read about cross platform frameworks:

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