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Thread: Looking for footage of space missions

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    Question Looking for footage of space missions

    Hi Everyone!

    I was wondering if you had any tips on a good place to find space mission footage. Ive tried contacting NASA and i'm awaiting an answer. I know they have their youtube channel and some old videos in an archive. But I was hoping there would be some larger form of database available somewhere and that the quality of the footage would be better. But maybe thats all there is.

    Does any one in this forum by any chance collect footage or know of someone or someplace that does?

    I am asking on the behalf of an independent filmmaker hoping to use the footage for an experimental film.

    I do hope this isn't a bad place to ask. If so do let me know.


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    There is quite a lot on the NASA web site. Here are just a couple of links. And some on just Apollo 11.

    Were you looking for more historical video?

    I would expect that original footage - tape or film - would be near impossible to obtain because the media gets old and brittle. Not to mention behind locked doors.

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    I think historical videos would be preferable. According NASA all their footage should be accessible to the public. For free as well if not to be used commercially. I have contacted them to find out if there is a place on any of their sites where they might either keep film rolls or a database that is not online where there would be more. Awaiting an answer now.

    I was also thinking of contacting Russian or european counterparts for footage.

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