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Thread: Whats the best sky atlas for amature astronomers?

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    Whats the best sky atlas for amature astronomers?

    Is there a book that is considered THE book to have for amature astronomers? I dig the software like Cartes Du Ciel, and Starry Night, but I am curious as to what sky atlas is most commonly used.

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    I like Sky Atlas 2000 as a general purpose set of sky charts. I have the black on white laminated and bound version. The laminated charts last longer and allow me to mark on them with a felt tip.

    I used to use the white on black, which I actually found easier to read outside but hard to mark on so I switched over a bunch of years ago.

    If I need something more detailed that goes to a fainter magnitude, I'll use a laptop and software rather than a bigger chart set.

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    No thats about what I was looking for. I use Cartes at home and stuff, but it's tough to take with me if I go anywhere.

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    I use the Wil Tirion Sky Atlas 2000.0 most nights. If I'm just going out for a quick look with binoculars, I take the David Chandler Sky Atlas for Binoculars and Small Telecopes, which covers a much larger area on each map, but isn't detailed enough for serious star hopping.

    If I had a bigger telescope and darker skies, I'd probably spring for Uranometria.

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    Right now I only have the "Year Round Messier Marathon field-guide" by Willmann-Bell. This is a great book even though I am still using only Binoc's when I go out. I was looking for something a bit more in depth and utilitarian. The SkyAtlas 2000 looks like it may do. I need to go look at one and see how it feels so to speak.

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