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Thread: CosmoQuest Funding!

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    CosmoQuest Funding!

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    Good news from Dr. Pamela Gay regarding funding for CosmoQuest. There's no explicit mention of the forums in the press release, but hopefully the pressure will be off Dr. Gay regarding money and time, and we might see some benefits here. Maybe?

    NASA has awarded Southern Illinois University Edwardsville $11.5 million to expand its citizen science and educational activities through CosmoQuest, a second-generation citizen science facility. CosmoQuest Project Director Dr. Pamela Gay, assistant research professor in the SIUE STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Center, will lead the initiative as principal investigator.
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    First I heard of this; thanks for posting.
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    Hope this is a wonderful as it looks! Wow.
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    Good news for a change.

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    Major congratulations, Cosmoquest!

    “With this funding, CosmoQuest will be able to grow from a seedling full of potential, into a mighty tree that supports science and learning opportunities,” says project principal investigator Gay.

    In mid-2016, CosmoQuest will begin competitively selecting future topics for citizen science programs. Selected programs will receive funding to support research and communications of science goals and science results.
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