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Thread: Sea stories in SPACE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solfe View Post
    I got to be honest, I like flying and love all parts of air travel, but I did not look back at that airplane once we landed. I was afraid of what I wouldn't see.
    That the monster on the wing forgot his passport?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noclevername View Post
    That the monster on the wing forgot his passport?
    I was thinking that we weren't getting our luggage back because maybe it all fell out. But we did. It's the only time I haven't looked back longingly at an airplane after flying.

    Speaking of the monster episode. One time I dropped my wife (girlfriend at the time) off at the airport and came home to see that episode was on. I felt a nervous afterwards, but then I got a call. The plane broke as soon as they pulled away from the terminal and pulled right back to offloaded everyone. Apparently, directly to the bar. My wife was sloshed. Apparently, whatever happened made a really loud noise. My wife and her sister received conflicting information. Either an engine broke or they backed into a luggage tram. In either case, they left 8 hours later on a different flight, with horrible headaches.

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