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Thread: Dusk to Dawn Milky Way Time Lapse

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    Dusk to Dawn Milky Way Time Lapse

    I was at Eardisley again doing some more work at the house and as the weather was good I took my camera gear with me. There was only just about 3 hours of proper darkness so this is two time lapse videos on two nights. It was taken with my Sony A7Sii and a Samyang 12mm f2.8 fisheye lens. The movement in the scenery was created using a Rhino Camera Gear Evo Carbon slider with Motion and Arc. I took 602x40 second exposures at f2.8 and an ISO of 25600. Just before half way through the video there is a blue and white flash of light coming from the house. See if you can guess what they were😉

    Rather than post the video here is a link to it on my YouTube channel where it is best viewed in HD

    Best wishes

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    That was very nice. Thank you.

    Yeoman work there.
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