I have had two excellent viewing evenings in a row, contrary to all forecasts which called for mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. It is hot and humid, but seeing was good to excellent tonight for observing Jupiter and some close double stars with my old Celestron 8. I watched Io disappear behind the planet and had a good look at the Great Red Spot at 200x. Izar and Porrima showed classic Airy disks and rings at 400x.

What's really a bummer is that I was in a group from our local astronomy club who had planned a trip last night to a church conference center about 30 miles west of here, to treat about 160 people to some observing. The organizers called it off late in the afternoon on the basis of several weather forecast web sites which were all predicting cloudy and showers, and by sunset it was clearing. For all I know it may have stayed cloudy out there. A place about 60 miles southwest of here got torrential rain and strong, gusty wind.