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Thread: Just Before the Star Blows Up......signals

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    Just Before the Star Blows Up......signals

    The authors compare the pre-supernova signals for a 15, and, a 30, solar mass progenitor, and how the evolution of their isotopic composition will result in detectable neutrino fluxes, depending upon the distance to the explosion, and the sensitivity of present and future detectors. They numerically model Mn, V, Cr, Co, Ni, Fe, isotope ratios, and a timeline for the days, hours, minutes, befoe the blast. SEE:

    It is interesting to note that the modeled series of neutrino events in the above article, occuring not as a single, sudden blast, but in a more methodical,consolidated, sequential, precursor series of emissions, has at least one historical incidence...Supernova 1987A. SEE: Here the authors, Galleotti, and Pizella, calculate the odds of the final blast coinciding with the gravitational waves over ~ 7 seconds ,observed as > 1/4,000,000...that's over 5 sigma, and is publishable.

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