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Thread: IsaacArthur collection of exploration vids on bit chute << one word

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    Post IsaacArthur collection of exploration vids on bit chute << one word

    Not sure if this should go in exploration or tv off topic /media?

    This guy IsaacArthur has a lot of exploration videos. He has lots and lots of vids you might have a chance to view on a weekend or maybe during a quiet lunch break. I remember having trouble linking something before here, so suspect the automated filter here on cosmoquest might take it bit chute as some kind of cuss' word and not bit chute a vdieo sharing social media platform. Isaac Arthur is an interesting guy, he has a massive collection of space vids. I might not agree with all he says but he is always interesting, he also runs a site and a YouTube channel with Futurism about space exploration and I think he did a vid with Universtoday's Fraser Cain.

    I think maybe there was also some maybe a radio? or podcast by him and Fraiser on Apple radio to Download or some other media platforms? Some of the new kids the new generation might only remember the internet as google, youtube, facebook and twitter, but old timers will remember how things come and go, legandary ancient libraries crumbled, magazines and papers which had huge business went out of print and at one time the interent was all lycos, AOL, netscape, myspace, geocities I for one am glad the old school message forums and bulletin board systems are still around and I can still socialize with old internet friends and come on sites such as this cosmoquest forum. I know sometimes there are disputes, some big famous names got themselves for whatever reaons, maybe removed or banned by plaforms for violation of terms or posting poltical comments or some artistic dispute for example I know the Beatles surving members, Garth Brooks and Prince had or have some kind of personal dispute with youtube and the actress Rose McGowan recently got herself banned from twitter after making some rape comment accusation on twitter about the Producer Weinstein. People have arguments with an online media plaform over intellectual property, artistic copyright etc so there are many genuine disputes and censorships online for whatever reasons. There are other new video sharing platforms out there like is another social media video platform with topics like brainfood/tech but the plaform seems a bit young and un-devoloped I don't really like it yet. Dailymotion and Vimeo seem to be other media platforms but they seem to be more filmmaker arty content and I sometimes have seen some interesting bloggers and people on typepad and wordpress sites. We now are in an age where people scifi writers, teachers, scientists can now BigMoney just by online vids or with say 'Social Media'. Maybe there some kinds of online 'celebrity' media people with huge followings just want to use a service for its numbers and popularity. Some people make use ads to make a living through their social media and some make a seven figure salary just to post some vids or messages. I wonder what it takes for another plaform to take off and skyrocket go viral all of a sudden? The audience for pure entertainment will probably always be larger and more sucessful than a science audience or open source information audience so maybe they just need some new movie cinema trailer or new musician to take a new media platform going viral, or maybe they just need some tv talk show or radio to plug and mention the site? The online or tv audience is probably they can suddenly alll turn off one tv station and ratings drop or some new websites kills off an old one which gotten in the way of innovation and staying relevant. I find it interesting how this science guy IsaacArthur, he's gone so big into bit-chute, it says its decentralized and says the platform is built on open-source the people or for the people or so they claim. Anyways the platform has some good space exploration vids and he's one of the name you should look out for with a big library of videos.

    Isaac Arthur is on youtube also and he has got a big alien paradox vid on bit-chute with over a thousand views and a hundred shares which is good for a new plaform. On youtube he clocks up 200 thousand hits on Cosmology Astrobiologiical philosophical vids like 'First Contact' and Alien Cvilizations at the End of Time. he seems very realistic, practical about exactly what technology needs to be available to us to do this space science stuff and how far off it is and I like the way he talks, videos and edits well organized and informative. He usually covers space, futurism, science, exploration and futurology, Ironstars, Blackholes, Space Propulsion, Terraforming, Scifi concepts and near futristic concepts are just some of his many topics.

    He makes, cuts the vids, adds illustration, there is also music....very well done for some 'amateur' guy on the interent but I think he does hvae some sort of education or science credentials, he vid an interesting vid on the fermi paradox and extinct alien civilizations

    Be intersting to know who he is? anyone have info on the guy?

    I will try linking his latest vid here but I'm pretty sure the link may not work and get caught by the filter (remove hyphen)
    Outward Bound: Colonizing Titan by Isaac Arthur
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