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Thread: Pearls Before Swine takes on Star Registry

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    Pearls Before Swine takes on Star Registry

    Makes as much sense.

    (Click and page down. Click on the calendar below the strip for subsequent days.)
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    I really laughed when I first read that comic hehehe. It is a variation of the various other money making scams Rat has run in the past little while.

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    Woah! I had the exact same idea after the last big thread about start naming.

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    Why gather up sand when I can name numbers after people? I claim the number 1 as "Chuck's Constant". The rest are for sale at $10 each.

    Here's a past thread about this.

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    I've started a tree-naming service. Anybody interested in having the maple tree in our front yard named after you? Only $50 bucks and I'll send you a leaf from your actual tree, pasted to a piece of paper with your name on it.


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    . . . and in the autumn you can rake all the leaves (U-rake) you want for a buck a leaf.

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