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Thread: Hoax Believer Video Proves Moon Landings Happened

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    Hoax Believer Video Proves Moon Landings Happened

    This is more a request for peer review, a hoax believer by the name of Mr Strange one of the stalwarts of Expattaffy1 who posted a video on WooTube (my apologies YouTube) in which a bag is seen swinging on the Mesa table prior to being loaded on the Rover during Apollo 16. Their claim is that the bag is showing improper motion due to being in an atmosphere over a vent which keeps the bag swinging. This was the first time I had seen this particular video but I immediately thought that it was showing motion consistent with being in a vacuum.

    I then had the thought that a simple pendulum motion should give an indication of the gravity field and worked out the calculations accordingly. The results indeed show that within the realms of observational error, that they were indeed on the moon. Having looked more thoroughly this has been done several times with many objects showing pendulum motions, I do not make any claim to originality. I actually point to another example in my video notes.

    Any criticism is invited and feel free to use the video as further proof that man did indeed land on the Moon several times in 1969 through to 1972.


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    I've seen this claim in a video by Jet Winzer(s) and from what I remember it is an example of pendulum motion in low gravity and little to atmosphere. Of course taffy and his side-kick won't see it that way

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