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Thread: Reflections in the water

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    Reflections in the water

    I spent the evening up on Hergest Ridge in Kington Herefordshire again last night as the weather was good. I knew that it had been raining up there earlier in the week and I was hopeful that there were going to be some pools of water to catch some reflections from the stars during the time lapse. I found one pool which is where I set my Sony A7Sii and Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 zoom lens on my Rhino Camera Gear Evo Carbon slider with motion and arc. I shot two short time lapse videos during the night shooting a total of over 700x30 second exposures with the zoom lens at the 15mm setting and f2.8 and at ISO 25600.
    Although it was quite breezy the water in the pool remained calm allowing for some nice reflections.
    In the second clip the very bright areas are from the light pollution in Leominster and Kington
    The video can be seen at the link below and is best viewed in at least HD

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    Those are way cool.

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    Hi Paramount!!Its great you spend your evening to capture the beauty of the reflection in water. The video you have shared is just outstanding, mind blowing and marvelous. You just did a great job. The calmness of the night will has made your trip memorable. The beauty lovers usually go to enjoy the beauty of nature to refresh themselves. You have captured the beauty of nature like reflection in water in a very amazing way. The second clip is also very amazing. I hope this trip will be memorable for you, keep it up and shared more interesting videos.

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