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Thread: Clev's military Sci Fi thread

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    So my latest bit is something straight out of CT:

    The Nedelin disaster was a (real world) failed rocket launch that killed a bunch of Soviet crewmen in 1960. Not declassified until late in the Cold War.

    I'm plotting that the crash was to cover up an "alien abduction" of several Cosmonauts, who were kept in stasis and some are still alive to this day. They've been living and breeding halfway across the galaxy, still holding to the ideals of their time. And yes, there's a handwave about why they can eat the food and breathe the air (life separated at birth, so to speak).

    The protagonists are setting out to bring them home.

    Having to research life in the 1950s USSR. Pretty grim, for most of its citizens. And of course the early Soviet space program. It wouldn't have just been names from the history books at that fateful accident, officers, scientists, chief engineers, and test pilots, there were many anonymous ground crew killed too.
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