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I just ran across an article about why there seems to be inconsistency between the CDC and WHO advice. I had suspected what the person is arguing, i.e. that the WHO is the "world" organization, and is working with many countries where getting masks for everybody is impractical.


I don't know if it's true or not, but it makes sense.
I'm not sure it does, given that WHO has been aggressively pushing the mantra of "test, test, test" (as a means of controlling the epidemic) from very early in the spread of this disease, despite the fact many poorer countries simply had no infrastructure to carry out antigen tests, and very little capacity to develop that infrastructure. Their approach is generally: "Here's the ideal towards which national governments should direct their efforts." "Masks for all" would be a more potentially attainable goal to push than "tests for all", if there was a concern about the ability of a country's infrastructure to cope.

Grant Hutchison