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Thread: Type A personality... doesn't exist. Sorry!

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    Speaking of albums (wink) there's the flip-side to employment. Here's some wall art we had in the sales office that was colorful.

    In the more serious circumstances, I think it's important to at least be aware that police and sheriff departments have relationships with those that administer polygraphs. A number of years ago, two fellow employees claimed they saw a local sheriff department break-in, trigger the alarm, and take boxes from the chemical supplier store next door. This was about two weeks prior to the election for sheriff. They both elected to do a tv interview, though I cautioned them as to what would happen. I was wrong, it was worse than I thought it would be, which included the dubious results of the polygraph testing.
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    If people want to speak about polygraphy, can I suggest moving over to a new thread I've just opened. The first post is my dissertation on the mathematics of diagnostic tests, as applied to polygraphy.

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    Removing classifications that indicate that the person being tested has dishonestly selected a specific set of answers, just because the Polygraph test has been rendered unlawful in certain situations, does not mean that there are no type A or B personalities, it just means that, compared with pre 1990 data, modern data will have all of these dishonest results mixed up across all classifications. GIGO.

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    Mainstream psychologists do not have much interest in the MBTI or DISC, but they have a theory of personality that they have settled on: Big Five personality traits - Wikipedia. These are Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion (or Extroversion), Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (opposite of Emotional Stability). Hierarchical structure of the Big Five - Wikipedia discusses supertraits and subtraits of them. Here is their hierarchy:
    • Plasticity - dopamine
      • Extroversion: Enthusiasm, Assertiveness
      • Openness/Intellect: Openness, Intellect
    • Stability - serotonin
      • Agreeableness (social stability): Compassion, Politeness
      • Conscientiousness (motivational stability): Industriousness, Orderliness
      • Neuroticism (negative emotional stability): Volatility, Withdrawal

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    I thought Type A just meant jock.

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