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Thread: Cell phone battery life improved by moving apps to the cloud

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    Lightbulb Cell phone battery life improved by moving apps to the cloud

    Research that all of us could use. If we could get our hands on it.

    Scientists improve smart phone battery life by up to 60 percent

    by Aston University - Nov 13, 2018

    Computer scientists from Aston University have developed a way to drastically improve the battery-life of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, by minimising the power consumption of mobile apps by as much as 60 percent. The research, which is published in Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies Journal, presents a solution that integrates mobile computing with cloud computing, with tools developed to identify the most power hungry parts of a mobile app and then moves them to the cloud using a technique called code-offloading.

    The scientists developed a mobile-cloud hybrid application framework for Android that hybridises mobile apps, executing them across both mobile and cloud platforms. Using the code-offloading technique the 'power hungry' parts of the mobile-cloud hybrid application are first identified, and then offloaded to the cloud and executed there, instead of on the device itself. As they execute on the cloud instead of the mobile device, the device's own components are not used, power is saved which prolongs the battery life.

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    That would multiply my data usage by several orders of magnitude. Thanks, but I'll just recharge the phone when I need to.

    Grant Hutchison

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