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Thread: Model of Universe as described by Dynamic Universe Model

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    Model of Universe as described by Dynamic Universe Model

    Dear all....
    Have a look at the abstract of proposed Model of Universe.

    In this paper we will see the model of Universe according to DynamicUniverse Model of Cosmology by visualizing various processes that are happeningin the Universe as per experimental evidences. For simplifying the matter here,we will see in part1: about the Galaxy life cycle, where the birth and death ofGalaxies discussed. Probably Universe gives guidance for the movement ofGalaxies. We call this Part 1: Thinking andReproducing Universe or Mindless Universe? (Galaxy life cycle).

    We see every day Sun, Stars, Galaxies etc., dissipating enormous energyin the form of radiation by the way of fusion of Hydrogen to helium. So aftersometime all the Hydrogen is spent and Universe will die, is it not? …
    Dynamic Universe Model says that the energy inthe form of electromagnetic radiation passing grazingly near any gravitatingmass changes in frequency and finally will convert into neutrinos (mass).Hence Dynamic Universe Model proposes another process whereenergy will be converted back into matter and the cycle energy to mass toenergy continues, sustaining the Universe to maintain this present status forever in this form something like a Steady state model without any expansion.This we will see in Part2: Energy –Mass - Energy Cycle.

    After converting energy into mass “how various elements are formed andwhere they are formed?” will be next logical question. Dynamic Universe Modelsays that these various particles
    changeinto higher massive particles or may get bombarded into stars or planets andvarious elements are formed. Here we bifurcate the formation of elements into 6processes. They are for Elementary particles and elements generated infrequency changing process, By Cosmic rays, By Small stars, By Large Stars, BySuper Novae and Manmade elements By Neutron Stars.This we will discuss in Part3: Nucleosynthesis.

    Keywords: Dynamic Universe Model, Hubble Spacetelescope (HST), SITA simulations (SITA- Simulationof Inter intra Tautness Attraction forces used by DynamicUniverse Model),singularity-free cosmology, Blue shiftedGalaxies , Red shiftedGalaxies, Grazing radiation frequency changes, Formation of Elements,NucleosynthesisDynamic Universe Model, Energy to mass conversion, Methods: N-bodysimulations-Gravitation-Cosmology

    See the attach for the full paper I am working on now... For your views and discussions please......
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