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Thread: Firenado - a firey tornado as wide as 3 football fields in California fires

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    Exclamation Firenado - a firey tornado as wide as 3 football fields in California fires

    Not the kind of fire tornado that you usually see. Article has superb color 3-D rendering of the Carr Fire firenado this past summer.

    New study explains creation of deadly California 'firenado'
    December 6, 2018

    A rare fire tornado that raged during this summer's deadly Carr Fire in Northern California was created by a combination of scorching weather, erratic winds and an ice-topped cloud that towered miles into the atmosphere, according to a study announced Wednesday. The churning funnel of smoke and flame killed a firefighter as it exploded in what already was a vast and devastating wildfire in July on the edge of Redding, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) north of San Francisco. The wildfire claimed eight lives and destroyed more than 1,000 homes before it was contained on Aug. 30.

    The study in the Geophysical Research Letters journal used satellite and radar data to suggest how a monstrous "firenado" the size of three football fields developed on July 26.
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    In Australia we have many Eucalyptus trees and the heat tends to turn the Eucalyptus oil into a gas that ignites and drives the firenado. The video below is from 2012/13.

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    the oil from that and other plants approaches kerosene, BTU-wise, IIRC...

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