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Thread: Deriving spacetime in four-dimensional Euclidean space without time and dynamics

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    Deriving spacetime in four-dimensional Euclidean space without time and dynamics

    Is spacetime and matter exists objectively or their existence depends on mind? Currently, most thinks that spacetime and matter exists objectively.

    I wrote article, where I show how spacetime with special and general theories of relativity can be derived in 4-dimensional euclidean space without time and without dynamic.
    Article is here: [removed]

    Is anyone see any critical flaws in the article?


    The model based on subjective idealism, enabling to derive a space-time with a Minkowsky space metrics on Euclidean space with no time and dynamics is suggested. This model also allows deriving the curved space-time with a metrics of the general theory of relativity. It was demonstrated that the principle of causality and the anthropic principle arise from the model. It was demonstrated that the strong principle of equivalence of gravitation and acceleration arises from the model. All principles and postulates on which special and general theories of relativity are based are being derived. Article offers entirely new model for creation of physical theories.
    Now, there are two principal models of the nature. The first model tries to use aether, the second model is based on a vacuum and relativity. Ethereal theories have many unresolvable problems, and actually there is only one opportunity for derivation of theories. Is it possible to derive entirely new model of the nature, different from the first two? Such model is offered in this article.
    Is it possible to derive in Euclidean space a hypersurface with a Minkowsky space metrics? As S. Hawking, J. Ellis [1, p 55] show, in Euclidean space it is impossible to derive the refined hypersurface with a Minkowsky space metrics.
    Is it possible to derive in Euclidean space a hypersurface with a metrics of the general theory of relativity? If it is impossible to derive more simple case, with a Minkowsky space metrics, then it is obvious that it cannot be done.
    The demonstration of impossibility to derive the enclosed hypersurface with a special theory of relativity metrics in Euclidean space appears convincing, seems like it cannot be disproved. Any demonstration is based on some provisions which are considered as true. If there is any possibility to call into question any of these provisions, then all conclusions, dependent on such provision, also become doubtful. The provision questioned in this article is realism.
    Time participates both in a Minkowsky space metrics and in a general theory of relativity metrics. Therefore, before considering the offered model, let’s consider what the time is.
    Time is the phenomenon the effects of which we constantly observe. The physics still does not know the nature of time, the existing description of time and its properties is phenomenological. Special and general theories of relativity have established dependence between time, space and gravitation. It shows that time is not the independent phenomenon, and has the connection with space and matter causing gravitation. The physics has established the properties of time. However, there is no knowledge why there is time, why time is unidirectional, whether there are time quanta, why time has one measurement and whether it is possible to travel to the past.
    Whether the space, time, matter and time fields exist independently or are the manifestation of something more fundamental?
    Let's assume that at the fundamental level time does not exist. Let's consider the arising consequences of this assumption.
    If at the fundamental level time does not exist, then there has to be no dynamics. Options when there is dynamics at the fundamental level, and time is emergent at the macrolevel, are difficult to call model with no time. More likely, such models can be called models with a numerous of times at the microlevel.
    With no time and dynamics at the fundamental level the question now arises of how to coordinate it with dynamics and time observed in the nature. To answer this question, it is necessary to consider what the realism and idealism are based on.
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