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Thread: Teeming Deep Earth Life

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    Teeming Deep Earth Life

    This would seem to have implications for looking for life elsewhere in the Universe

    Laboratory Equipment magazine

    A veritable world lies deep beneath the surface of our planet, containing massive amounts of “microbial dark matter” totaling hundreds of times more carbon than all human life above.

    The diversity and complexity is nothing less than a kind of “subterranean Galapagos,” which has existed for billions of years, scientists with the Deep Carbon Observatory announced Monday.

    “A decade ago, we had no idea that the rocks beneath our feet could be so vastly inhabited,” said Isabelle Daniel, of the University of Lyon 1. “Experimental investigations told us that microbes could potentially survive to great depth; at that time, we had no evidence, and this has become real ten years later.”

    The team used the latest techniques to drill miles beneath the Earth—and also to sequence the DNA of what they were extracting, according to the collective.

    The samples came from 2.5 km beneath the oceans, and also 5 km deep underneath land, using mines and boreholes.

    The deep biosphere has a volume of between 2 and 2.3 billion cubic km, which is almost twice that of all the oceans on the Earth, according to the findings.

    Within those lifespaces is an average of 7.5 tons of carbon per cubic kilometer. That calculates to a total of between 15 and 23 billion tons of carbon-based lifeforms, according to the findings.
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    More on same. Good to keep in mind when exploring Mars and other places.

    Scientists Discover Staggering Amount of Life Deep Below Earth’s Surface
    By Roni Dengler | December 11, 2018 4:19 pm

    The dark, high-pressure depths of Earth’s interior is an unexpected place to find life. Now, an international group of scientists report there’s 16.5 to 25 billion tons of micro-organisms beneath the planet’s surface. The team’s work is redefining what a habitable environment is.

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