Every once in a while, I'm reminded that I live in the future.
Many things that would have been considered Science Fiction when I was a child are commonplace, but occasionally I'm caught off guard.
Perhaps we can use this thread to post events where you have been reminded that you live in the future.

Here are two examples that I've previously posted:

1) A large airport is close to my office, just over a small hill.
Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a helicopter that appeared to be hovering over the runway, but no other air traffic.

While standing at my office window, I opened an air traffic tracking app on my phone, identified the helicopter as belonging to a local TV station (including seeing its photograph), and received a video feed from the helicopter via the station's website.
From the feed, I could watch workers repairing a runway light in extreme detail. I could even tell if the electrician was tightening or loosening bolts with his socket wrench.

2) Not too long ago, my father had cataract surgery. A few months later, he said he was having difficulty reading the clock across the room.
Upon examination, the eye doctor (a woman - this is the future, after all) noted that scar tissue had formed, and was obscuring the lens.

I figured that delicate surgery would be required, and was concerned because my father's general health wasn't so great.
The doctor pointed out that we could just go into the next room and have it quickly removed with the laser.

Twenty minutes later, my father and I were eating lunch, his eyesight completely restored.