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Thread: RedTacton: Realtime PM

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    RedTacton: Realtime PM

    March 20, 2005
    "...NTT, the Japanese communications company, has developed a technology called RedTacton, which it claims can send data over the surface of the skin at speeds of up to 2Mbps -- equivalent to a fast broadband data connection...since data can pass from one body to another, you could also exchange electronic business cards by shaking hands, trade music files by dancing cheek to cheek, or swap phone numbers just by kissing..."

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    Oh great, one more way to catch a virus...

    "What are the gloves for?"
    "Blaster worm."

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    One more reason kids can give for not having to master language skills.

    Where is everybody, working?

    If I work quickly I can have the most recent entry on every thread.

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