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Thread: "A unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter"

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    "A unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter"

    My theory is that space itself is made of true antimatter particles (as opposed to what I am calling "antipolarmatter," made in labs using oppositely charged particles) that interacts with matter, and even itself, by having a very slight anti-gravitational charge.

    1) Quantum Electrodynamics treats points in space as a quantum state in which each particle interacts with, and creates it's own 'individual field' that only one fundamental particle at a time can exist in. We therefore observe matter to be electromagnetically bound particles of gravitationally bound energy through a field of 'empty' space. If matter is gravitationally bound to itself, then the true opposite would have an anti-gravitational energy, even against itself because if the nature of matter is to fall in on itself, then it's opposite would push away from itself into a point of equilibrium with itself; where they stop interacting with themselves to a point of equal balance.

    2) Expansion theory describes light being slowed down and red-shifted due to the well known Doppler effect that the current theory is because space is "expanding" and time itself slows the light down due to being stretched with space being equal constants to each other. Instead this could be explained by space itself having a minuscule anti-gravitational charge ever slightly slowing, and therefore red-shifting, the photon itself. We can see that matter itself has an effect on light through gravitational lensing, so therefore antimatter should have the opposite effect, and so an effect none-the-less.

    3) According to the double-split quantum mechanics experiments we also observe photons to act like a wave in the vacuum of space and the current theory states that a photon is both a particle, and a wave of possibilities, which is even understood to be baffling that it exists as both. If we treat space itself as made up of invisible antimatter particles, then this explains how it exists as both because the packets of energy are being slightly effected by space itself, which is also acting in a predictable manner.

    4) Dark energy and dark matter make up 95% of the observable universe, and we see it in the formulation of galaxies in how they manage to stay together at such stellar masses, and not flung about in a giant mess of material, and this could be the effects of space on a grand scale attempting to keep itself at it's equilibrium state by slightly trying to condense matter into it's most compact form possible. A recent study publicized "suggests that both dark phenomena can be unified into a single negative mass fluid," and could also be explained if we look at space as true antimatter.

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    "A unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter: Negative masses and matter creation within a modified ΛCDM framework"

    I've had a theory that was confirmed by this publication and I didn't know where else to share it. I was thinking that space itself is true "anti-matter." If the main property of matter is being gravitationally bound to itself, then true anti-matter would repel even itself, therefore space itself has a tiny push on everything. If you think of matter as a physical thing, space itself is the true opposite property (the true opposite, as compared to anti-mater particles made in the lab with opposite charged particles).
    There is further evidence if we look at the expansion theory differently as well; the red shift caused by particles slowing down is caused by the very tiny push space itself gives. With even quantum physics giving further proof when particles that are shot through empty space show a wave function, because it's traveling on the waves caused by the push of space. And what this publication confirmed, is that the 95% of "dark energy/matter" we couldn't identify in the universe, is caused by this slight push on all matter.
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