(Because parents will think it leads to druidism.) No, no, no, seriously.

Why not build a Stonehenge-type science park at a science-magnet school? There seem to be innumerable stories online about how to do it, including one about one man who is building one by himself once he figured out how easy it was.


A more general guide would ne more like the following simple Stonehenge:


It would be a great place for night observing groups to meet. You would not really need big rocks, just vertical metal or wooden poles in the ground with a central viewing site. You'd have to keep the area well lit at night when not used to discourage local people (and kids) from abusing the site.

A big, complicated Stonehenge ("Bar-henge"?) could be used to track the movements of planets along the Zodiac, significant stars, constellations by season, the Moon and Sun, eclipses, and whatever else the real one could do.

Any pro- and con- on this? I would be in favor of it, though it might be better on external private property that could be visited by science classes and used by astronomy clubs.