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Absolutely, we don't know for certain what we are looking for and could well be missing communication staring us right in our face. I guess we can only assume based on what we know and therefore lookout for patterns that appear to be either complex or very random. These may indicate an "unnatural" source possibly even intelligence. Unless we discover a more efficient way of long distance communication then we can only assume that ET would use the same methods as us. What else can we do?

I guess it could be a bit like someone looking for smoke signals or listening for the beating of loud drums cause that's the only way they know how to send messages long distances, not realising that the air is filled with radio signals all around them. They would likely conclude that there is no one out there just an "eerie" silence.
Yes, thatís what I think. As you say, we can look out for what seem to be unnatural sources, but of course we cannot be certain that that are not natural. But yes, itís really the best we can do.