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Thread: Is Elon Musk correct in assuming we can terraform Mars?

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    It is quite possible that the seasonal spikes in methane during the Mars summer are at least partly biologically based. Perhaps there are ways to amplify that signal thru strategic impacts of volatile bearing objects from the asteroid belt and other Mars crossing objects. We are already working on ways to protect Earth from possible impactors. The same sort of solutions could be used to Cause impacts where we need them on Mars. I suspect the organisms, if they do indeed exist, which are creating the methane spike would be helped out by the warmth and liquid H2O which impactors would create and then expand their range. The polar areas and water rich areas of the lowland "seas" might be a good place to start.

    This could also be used on a smaller scale to create "oasis's" in select lowland areas containing materials needed to create an infrastructure, perhaps covered with a dome...… I imagine the heat and liquid water would linger for some time.
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