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Thread: Extortion is your best cooperative strategy (!!!!!)

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    Unhappy Extortion is your best cooperative strategy (!!!!!)

    You will not like reading this, but if you want to get ahead, EXTORT... in a nice way.

    The friendly extortioner takes it all
    February 15, 2019, Max Planck Society

    Cooperating with other people makes many things easier. However, competition is also a characteristic aspect of our society. In their struggle for contracts and positions, people have to be more successful than their competitors and colleagues. When will cooperation lead to success, and when is egoism more effective? Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Ploen have developed an experiment that enables them to examine the success rate of cooperative and egoistic behaviour strategies. A strategy referred to as "extortion" is particularly successful, according to the researchers. This strategy that alternates between cooperation and egoism is difficult for the co-player to resist. The extortion strategy is especially effective when there is strong competitive pressure that is if there can be only one winner.

    "Extortioners often come across as friendly colleagues. They reciprocate friendliness with friendliness, making their competitors feel as though it must be a misunderstanding, if they are taken advantage of again and again. They are forced to play along to avoid loosing even more. This seemingly friendly yet extremely tough exploitation strategy is rewarded with additional gain," explains Manfred Milinski from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Ploen.

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    Extortion only works in some formulations of the Prisoner's Dilemma that prevent or discourage disciplining by other players. (You can follow links from the OP link which explain that.) We all know that in real life these folk get their come-uppance in the long term, unless they keep moving.

    Grant Hutchison

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