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Thread: Engineering Company puts forward pan for Mars Base

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    Engineering Company puts forward pan for Mars Base

    I just watched this companys submission for the NASA 3d printed habitat competition. It seems pretty on the money to me.

    HASSELL and structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan (EOC) designed an external shell that autonomous robots could build using nothing more than the planet’s natural regolith. This would allow exploration teams to arrive to a degree of protection from the harsh elements.

    After landing, the astronauts would quickly construct the building’s interior – a series of inflatable ‘pods’ with everything they would need for their work and life on Mars.

    This habitat fulfils those functional needs, but still feels comfortable and familiar for the astronauts, like their homes back on Earth. It’s the kind of safe, secure place they need while doing the most important work in the history of space exploration.

    HASSELL and EOC were shortlisted as a top 10 entry in the challenge, with final winners announced in early 2019.

    VIDEO's and Article:

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    That looks very nice.

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