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    I need a copy of both of Naumov's papers here. I will post one and call it Naumov 1....then the other and call it Naumov 2, to save people scrolling all over the place.

    SEE Naumov 1.........SEE: APRIL 8,2019

    SEE Naumov 2.........SEE: JUNE 25,2018

    For the novice reader, neutrons and protons in a nucleus are bound there by strong forces, that typically run a few million electron volts to around 15 million electron volts. Extremely energetic photons (gammas) and neutrinos can eject nucleons of both types, so the cOHERENT experiment was tailored to neutrino energies from stopped pions in the sweet spot..around 30 Mev.
    When you examine the graphs with red coherent and blue incoherent lines the coherent cross section dominates, but has a very sharp cutoff value, depending upon the type of nucleus involved in the detector design, Cs, I, Ge, etc. Aluminum should have numbers typical of sodium as it has a few more neutrons, but the incoming flux from any supernovae is modified depending on the presupernova isotopic abundances in the precursor star, the collapse model (pair instability or not? ), and intervening matter path lengths.
    Naumov and Bednyakov have found that the incoherent cross section is largewr than expected and may be contributing a 15-20 % error to some results. This can be bettered by looking for coincident gamma rays from timed pulse sources, nanoseconds after impacts. Graphs in the 80s typically were in barns.
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