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Thread: Ohio Earthquake

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    The beautiful north coast (Ohio)

    Ohio Earthquake

    A 4.0. Not that uncommon and that area has had similar ones; I felt one just about that size in the mid-90s. The epicenter was a couple of miles from where we used to live, though we are now about 15 miles south of there and didn't feel a thing.

    The local A-ball baseball team had some fun with it.

    The Lake County Captains are shaking things up a bit, announcing via social media they are changing their name to the Quake County Captains.

    It's only for one day, but the team - in typical minor-league baseball style - is having fun in the aftermath of Monday's earthquake.
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    So, there's no danger Cleveland will one day slide into the Great Lakes? Cool.

    Mostly worried at present about a future Charleston SC earthquake (I live upstate) or a New Madrid repeat, which would affect many family members. I was awakened by an early morning earthquake in Louisville KY some years ago. I did not enjoy having the entire house sway under me.
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    Here's what I saw when I noticed this thread.

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    He fell out of the bed.

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