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Thread: How Much Did Apollo Cost?

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    How Much Did Apollo Cost?

    Casey Dreier, Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser for The Planetary Society, attempts to come up with an estimate.

    This article discusses the sources and methods behind the "How much did Apollo cost?" resource.
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    The $25 B is/was the figure that I have always heard.

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    How Much Did Apollo Cost?

    These folks postulate a $29 billion figure in 1975 dollars or $109 billion in 2010 dollars.
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    About that:

    "To summarize: the entire lunar effort (with robotic missions and Gemini included) would cost $288 billion in today’s dollars. If the US prioritized the project financially the same way it did in the 1960s, the nation would have to spend $702 billion to occupy the equivalent share of GDP."

    You hear a lot of the New Spacers rag on SLS costs, right? They have no idea what they are talking about:

    "Why haven’t SLS or Orion flown yet after years of development? Well, the results speak for themselves....Adjusted for inflation and normalizing to the same development start dates as their modern counterparts, the Saturn V project cost NASA $60 billion by this point in its development, compared to $17.5 billion for the Space Launch System.... Compared to Apollo, the costs of NASA’s current human exploration projects are relatively paltry. That said, NASA’s overall budgets are themselves relatively paltry compared to the Apollo-era."

    On the other hand, F-35 will cost 1.5 trillion:

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