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Thread: Last call for Sandy doing Stardate

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    Last call for Sandy doing Stardate

    From here.

    Sandy Wood, the popular and charismatic announcer of the StarDate radio program, is retiring after 28 years on the air. Her final episode will air July 16.

    StarDate is the longest running nationally syndicated science program on American radio. Produced by The University of Texas at Austin’s McDonald Observatory, the program began in 1978. It brings a daily two-minute message of astronomy and skywatching to 2.3 million weekly listeners via more than 300 stations across the country. Wood took over from original announcer Joel Block after the program’s first dozen years.
    Assuming a linear increase from, say, 1 million initial listeners to today's 2.3 million, that would equate to 2.4 billion times ears have enjoyed her wonderful presentations!

    She deserves a wonderful Cosmoquest certificate, if one ever is made.

    Clear Skies, Sandy!
    We know time flies, we just can't see its wings.

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    Stardate and Sandy's voice are 2-3 minutes of calm while rushing to get ready for work in the morning ... something interesting for the mind and a five point drop in my bp. Thank you, Sandy.

    (sad face)
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