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Thread: Rip Torn dies aged 88

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    Rip Torn dies aged 88

    As per the NY Times

    He was always enjoyable actor to watch and certainly had an "interesting" life.

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    We've lost two memorable Texans in as many days, Ross Perot and Rip Torn. They were very different and yet very much alike. Except for the height difference, they probably could have switched places and no one would have noticed. A phrase from the NY Times article fits them both, "stole every scene he entered."

    Torn was always fun to watch. He seemed to put a lot of himself into the characters he portrayed, which made them both more realistic and more fantastical. He'll be missed. Rest easy, Zed.
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    RIP Rip. I did enjoy his movies especially the Men in Black series.

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    I was relieved to discover I'd already gotten to him for Celebrating the Living.

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    A fondly-remembered guilty pleasure of mine was the 1970 film Tropic of Cancer, a biographical thing about Henry Miller’s days as a bum in 1930s Paris. It was an early “X” rating, and I saw it at a crummy little “art” theater in downtown Chicago when I was barely old enough to get in. It did have lots of naked courtesans, but the most entertaining thing was the dialog. Rip Torn played Miller as a teacher who talks frankly, i.e., dirty, to the students.

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    Torn was memorable as the patriotic but ruthless presidential advisor in the WW3 movie "By Dawn's Early Light", and as the sheriff in "Extreme Prejudice"
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