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Thread: Light Pollution from New LED Streetlights

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    Angry Light Pollution from New LED Streetlights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centaur View Post
    An interesting news report.
    The story is predominantly about a possible effect of the new LED streetlights on birds with the West Nile virus. A study found that sparrows with the virus when "exposed to artificial light stayed sick with West Nile an average of two days longer than the control group". That makes it more likely that the West Nile virus can spread to people. There is some thought that this conversion will increase light pollution. However the Chicago Department of Transportation stated that the new lights are designed to reduce light pollution by focusing light downward. The LEDs are also “soft white” lights that meet the requirements of the International Dark-Sky Association.
    The conversion will be monitored: Cameras in the corn: Adler space balloon project aims to map Chicago light pollution

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