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Thread: Please rebut the Janus Cosmological Model

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowybeige View Post
    Even though it's pedantic, GR did not "predict" mercury's movement as much as it "explained" it. ...
    GR does predict the precession of the orbit of Mercury. That we measured this precession before GR existed does not matter - it is still a prediction of GR. GR matches the existing observations and thus explains the precession of the orbit of Mercury.

    If you read the PDF you link to (The Janus Cosmological Model and the fluctuations of the CMB) than you will no fluctuations of the CMB !
    Lots of assertions including his "dark matter is no longer required" ignorant assertion (galaxy rotation curves are not the only evidence for dark matter).
    Only an assertion that JCM has an imprint that corresponds to the "CMB inhomogeneities". An opinion of "We think that this produces the light inhomogeneities in the CMB". Close to a lie of "We point out that such primeval gravitational instability, occurring in the negative sector, make an imprint in ours, and that corresponds to the observed fluctuations in the CMB." when nothing in the paper shows any correspondence.

    Most importantly: No power spectrum of the CMB.
    IF02 Cite the JCM calculation for the CMBR and its power spectrum.
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