This is an idea I fully support. Go back 2000 years there was far grater interaction between the two nations so why not now.

On July 23, the day after India launched Chandrayaan-2 on the nationís second mission to the moon, a spokeswoman for Chinaís Foreign Ministry said China would like to work with India on space exploration.

For many, the idea of India-China space collaboration is difficult to fathom. For the last two decades, India and China have been engaged in an undeclared space race marked more by regional rivalry than neighborly competition.

India and China are nuclear powers that went to war briefly in 1962 over a border dispute that continues to this day. In 2017, India and China engaged in a military standoff on the Doklam plateau, which lies at the junction between India, China and Bhutan.

For some, this backdrop doesnít bode well for joint space exploration. However, two important facts need mentioned. First, despite major differences on the border issue, more than 40 years have passed without a single bullet being fired. Secondly, China is Indiaís second largest trading partner.