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Thread: Anyone know a good mainstream definition/explainer forum or website?

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    Anyone know a good mainstream definition/explainer forum or website?

    For example, if I want to know the current consensus (mainstream) view on galaxy evolution, where would I go to read up on it?

    And how can you tell it's current, and the mainstream?

    Same for latest theory on quaars

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    There isn't an authoritative one stop shop for it. Never has been, never will be.

    Your best bet is to look at what the big universities are teaching (MIT's open courseware site is a good start), follow their references. But that may lag behind developments. Otherwise it is a case of reading the published literature in the big journals and extracting it yourself from there. Or going to the big conferences and discussing it with people. Or reading a lot (a lot) of science blogs from active researchers and trying to pick out details from there.

    Scholarpedia might be another place you can look for articles which have been peer reviewed. It is a better bet than Wikipedia.

    Whatever approach you take it is a case of doing a fair bit of work yourself to stay current. There isn't a panel of experts who make pronouncements about what is mainstream or not. Science doesn't work by authority, it works by consensus and challenge.

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