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Thread: Is gravitational potential energy real?

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    Is gravitational potential energy real?

    Does it have some kind of quantum carrier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by parallaxicality View Post
    Does it have some kind of quantum carrier?
    Do you mean gravitons?

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    Gravitational potential energy is a real property of an object, e.g. if you drop a rock it will gain kinetic energy and lose gravitational potential energy. The quantum carrier involved is that of gravity - the hypothetical graviton.

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    RC is correct. The property of the object is its location in relation to a gravity source.
    The "carrier" is not a particle; it is an external force that does work. Say, you.

    A rock sits on the ground.
    You pick it up.
    Your muscle effort in lifting the rock is converted into potential energy of the rock.
    You let it go. The potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.
    Rinse, repeat.

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    Gravitational potential energy is as "real" as any other form of energy. Energy and momentum are just conserved book-keeping properties, arising from the fact that physics behaves symmetrical in time and space - there has to be a conservation law for each of these symmetries, and those conserved quantities look like energy (time), linear momentum (translation in space) and angular momentum (rotation in space).
    Under general relativity, potential energy gets stirred in with kinetic energy to form a constant of motion, so there's no way in which one could be "real" and the other not. Whether you think of energy as being a fundamentally real or fundamentally mathematical entity is a philosophical choice best avoided here, but it has to be equally real in all its manifestations, otherwise it wouldn't be conserved.

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    It had better be, or trebuchets wouldn't work! On the other hand, Trebuchet is retired and doesn't work any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parallaxicality View Post
    Does it have some kind of quantum carrier?
    check your private messages

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