OK, duplicating this from ISF.

Ok, might as well get it up front: This thread is primarily intended to help get me motivated to actually get going on preparations! I moved some stuff out of the shed a couple of months ago and little has happened since.

The Event: Burlington Pumpkin Pitch and Harvest Festival. September 29, 2019, Skagit River Park, Burlington, WA. If you are anywhere in northwestern Washington (State) or southwestern British Columbia, you should be there. It's the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on. Of course, I'm in the pits. You could be too, if you send me a PM.

The Plan: I kind of wish I really had one. I intend to enter just one team this year, having done two several times in the past. I just get too tired. So far the idea is to take another stab at my larger machine, which has been consistently lame over the past five years or so. It's an onager, powered by a bundle of twisted rope. Possibly with some auxiliary garage door springs, depending on how far I get.
The backup is going to be the old reliable King Arthur trebuchet. Its last couple of appearances have been in FAKA, or "Floating Arm King Arthur" form. The performance of those was, at best, underwhelming, as was the reliability. So I'll return it to pretty much the previous configuration.

Here's where I am now. The treb is in the background. All I've done is to get it out of the TARDIS shed and install the arm. Perhaps I'll work on it tomorrow. The onager is in the foreground. Since returning from vacation I did manage to install the front and rear supports. The sides you see aren't the actual sides, just prototypes from 2013 which I repurposed as additional front supports. They serve to keep the supports in alignment while the actual sides, which are too heavy for me to do by myself, are installed.
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