Hi everyone. I figured I'd duck in as this is as good a place as any (ok, the best place, still) to post some thoughts I have about ST Voyager, upon a second (first, really) viewing.

Back when the series premiered, I was not impressed with the show - particularly the pilot episode. I felt like the idea that they couldn't use The Array to get back to the Alpha Quadrant because of a potential shift in the balance of power was a cop out and ridiculous. And I just never watched more than a few disconnected episodes during its run on TV.

Now, after finally catching all of DS9 (I missed the last couple of seasons while in grad school), I decided to give Voyager a "go".

And it was surprisingly better than I remembered. I found myself very impressed by Captain Janeway, and Kes is probably the most interesting character on the show, now that I am nearly at the end of Season 2.


I just watched the episode titled, "Tuvix", where Neelix and Tuvok become merged into a new person. Now, I'm not going to take issue with the implausible science and handwaving necessary for this to have happened (I mean, it's Star Trek.. where would you STOP?). No. I mean, that crew, besides the Doctor, MURDERED Tuvix, straight up! It was so horrible and so against how they've built Janeway up to this point! I had NOT seen this episode before, but suffice it to say, if I had gotten this far during its first run, it would have been my very last episode. For sure.


With a couple extra jaded decades under my disappointingly longer belt, I probably will watch more eps, but I tell you, I really am upset - in the unimportant realm of the make-believe show - and the writers and director did their best to show it as a horrible decision.. but really. It was hard to watch. I mean, where do you take the characters from here? (I know, you shrug it off, it's late 90s/early 00s TV)