I finally saw "Avengers: Endgame," and I don't see a spoiler-friendly thread on it yet, so I figured I'd start one because...I have questions/issues.

The scene at the end where Peter Parker returns to school and sees his friend Ned should have been filmed differently. It seemed to suggest that Ned was surprised to see Peter back, but Ned was obviously one of the "resurrected" himself. If he wasn't, he should be five years older than Peter and no longer at the same school.

Old Captain America shouldn't have been there at the end (and I *hate* it when time-travel movies don't follow their own established rules of time-travel, even for otherwise touching throw-away scenes like this). Traveling back in time and changing the past creates new timelines, per the conversations the characters had and every other scene in the movie, so the timeline in which Cap lived a long happy life with Peggy should not have been the same timeline as we were watching at the end.

And, given the established rules, was there even any point in going back in time to return the stones? Let's just look at the Time Stone. In the original timeline (Timeline A), the Ancient One used the Stone to help defend New York during the 2012 attack and eventually turns the Stone over to Dr. Strange, who in turn gives it to Thanos. In "Endgame," Banner convinces the Ancient One to let him take the Stone into the future, thereby creating a new timeline (Timeline B), in which the Stone disappears from reality at that point - she no longer gives it to Strange, who no longer gives it to Thanos. Then Captain America goes back to 2012 to return the Stone to the Ancient One. But wouldn't that simply create another new timeline (Timeline C), in which the Stone is momentarily gone but almost immediately returned? Timeline B, in which the universe continues without it, would still exist, wouldn't it? Just like Timeline A still existed after Banner took the Time Stone out of Timeline B? In which case, what's the point of creating Timeline C?

Either way, the real question...Loki. In Timeline A, the events of 2012 (ie, the first "Avengers" movie) ended with the Ancient One still having the Time Stone, Shield/Hydra having both the Space Stone (the Tesseract) and the Mind Stone (Loki's staff), and Loki in Asgardian custody. In Timeline B, the Time and Mind Stones disappeared from reality in 2012, but Loki took the Space Stone and used it to escape. When Captain America "corrected" 2012 at the end of "Endgame", he would've returned the Time Stone to the Ancient One and the Mind Stone to Shield, but he had to return the Space Stone (the only Space Stone he had) to 1970. He didn't have a Space Stone to return to Shield in 2012, and he certainly didn't have Loki to return to custody. Whether his actions simply changed Timeline B or created a new Timeline C, that timeline would still have Loki running free with the Space Stone.

A possible way for Loki to return in future movies (I think I read that "Thor 4" was in preproduction)?

Also, I kind of like the way they brought Gamora back, but it seems like Cap could've brought Tony and Nat back in the same way...