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Thread: Facebook security question

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    Smile Facebook security question

    Hello. If I accept a friend request..can I unfriend or block this person in the future?

    Question just for basic security concerns.


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    Yes, it has happened to me for reasons I don' want go into. To block a person you just have to go into settings, and go to blocking and type in the name of the person you want to block.
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    I'm not sure what this has to do with "security" as opposed to other things like privacy or sanity, but...

    There are at least a couple of separate things you can do along these lines.

    One is to end the FaceBook friendship entirely by going to his/her main page and clicking the spot where it says you're friends. It gives you an "are you sure" pop-up, and if you say yes, the "friends" thing disappears and a "send friend request" thing appears. They don't get sent an a notification about this, but they can eventually find out, if either FaceBook starts recommending you to them as a potential friend because you still have friends in common, or they go to your page and see the "send friend request" thing instead of the "friends" thing (which they might be more likely to do if they notice that they're not seeing your stuff anymore).

    The other is to keep the Friends status the same but change "following" to "not following" by clicking the strangely-labeled "un-follow" link on his/her page. Then you'd both still be able to see anything you share with Friends, and you'll still see when (s)he tags you by name, and your posts can still show up on that person's newsfeed/wall/timeline/whatever, but his/hers will not show up on yours. This option is mainly useful for people who you do still like and want to be in contact with but who post entirely too much junk (usually mostly of the same kind, whether it's politics, or religion, or lame jokes on a single repeating theme, or a favorite TV show you don't watch, or celebrity gossip). So you can avoid having your FaceBook experience jammed full of that one person's constant annoying junk without kicking them out of your FaceBook life completely. And (s)he will never have any idea without you saying it.

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    I've unfriended/been unfriended by several people over the years, and there are indeed a few where it's obvious blocking has happened. I blocked my sister's ex, eventually, after several years of increasing sorrow and frustration at how reactionary and bigoted he's gotten over the years since high school.

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