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Very interesting. Could you explain a bit or point me towards some information on that? From the few minutes I spent looking into it Violet is a spectral color (single wavelength) while Mauve is a shade of purple and is a composite color (a combination of wavelengths).
I think the problem here is that there is violet, a spectral colour, and "violet", the approximation to that spectral colour produced from red, green and blue phosphors/LEDs or CMYK printer pigments - and the latter violet is a shade of bluish purple, somewhere around RGB (127,0,255). The original mauvine dye looked a lot like that kind of violet, to my eye. Unfortunately, the label "mauve" seems to nowadays be applied to a redder and less saturated purple, around RGB (225, 175, 255). Hence my previous comment that I'm unconvinced that mauve and violet are the same hue.

Grant Hutchison