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Thread: What to do, what to do

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    What to do, what to do

    I have a major pain in backside. Yes this is the same issue Have brought up before but somebody get message either form me or others. In the past there were some "fellow students" who generally made things up about me. Like i would tell stories about doing this or that and just thought making things up. Or they don't get how to handle a person who dealing a person who relative is dealing with a life threatening disease. They think they are so clever but I saw thru most of their plans very easily, like they would try to get me to go girls room who had in no interest in thinking it would suddenly spark a relationship, or constantly talking about her in very crude terms to get me interested in her. Actually it was because of this and the fact they told lies and gossip to a woman I did like I fall out interest with relationships. But they found the forums and my blog. They have trying to tell me what to post, where to post generally thinking they own the place. Also I feel like like they are taking stuff out of context and sending them people who might want to employ me to ruin my name. They won't post here because they are scared of the light that will be shined on them. I just wish they would get lost. I could leave the forum which I do not, I don't cave to bullies, in high school I had one charged for assault. I could give up scifi and science because on their authority I don't get, but that is just letting the bullies win again. They can't be banned because they don't have accounts.
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    Wish had some good advice for you as my dealings with the internet does not include a blog, facebook, twitter, or other means of communication except for 2 forums and email. So my experience is limited concerning situations such as yours. Perhaps my avoidance of these various avenues of continuous and ongoing contact have spared me from suffering the same dilemma. People who insist on being a "pain in the backside" who intend to be a pain are best ignored, avoided, and shut out if possible.......Not much help huh, hang in there.

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    The only solution for me for now is to stay off the internet until the late afternoon or evening, at least I can get a few things done. Maybe next week I will wonder the woods.
    From the wilderness into the cosmos.
    You can not be afraid of the wind, Enterprise: Broken Bow.

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